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Design & development process

One of the key benefits of working with Cambridge Technology Consultants is its adaptability. Not only does it have the expertise to adapt to the technical requirements of your project, it has the management adaptability to create procedures tailored to suit your operating practices on a project by project basis. This means that working with CTC is like having a temporary extension to your own team, creating a working relationship which is often more effective than a company's own inter-departmental relationships.

Although CTC considers each project individually, most can be structured using the four Ds:

  • Define
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deliver

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Working with your initial project outline, CTC will identify potential problems and suggest improvements to the specification. A final specification is then negotiated, with details of the reporting methods you prefer and an agreed quotation.


On receiving the order, CTC will start work on the project design outline. After you have approved the outline, CTC will begin detailed design work and any necessary sub-contractors will be appointed.

Throughout this process you will receive regular progress reports as agreed in the quotation. CTC will perform an internal design review by another CTC engineer not directly involved with the project, before submitting the design to you for review.

CTC will make any corrections that may be required, and if there are to be amendments to the specification, advise you of their possible impact on the original quotation.


Once the design is agreed, CTC will manage the development and testing of the project. Again you will receive regular progress reports as agreed in the quotation. The project will then be submitted to you for evaluation.

After evaluation, CTC will make any required adjustments and finish the project, again keeping you fully informed of the progress.


The completed project will be delivered on time, on budget and to specification, and CTC will support you through its initial use.